Great news…Southampton has been named as the third best city to work and live in the UK for the second year in a row, beating cities such as Leicester, Coventry and Edinburgh.

42 of the UK’s largest cities and towns were compared on a number of different criteria including everything from employment and health to environmental factors and even commuting times.

With the development of the Bargate Quarter and all the other regeneration work in the city…let’s see where we come in 2019!

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Bargate Quarter

‘Southampton: The past and the future’ Winners announced

The winning submissions from our time capsule competition have been chosen. We asked school children to draw what they thought Southampton would look like in 50 years’ time as well as to choose an item they would place in the time capsule to be buried on-site.

In total seven winners from Springhill Catholic Primary School were selected based upon their creativity and imaginations. The winners range in age from 7 to 9 years old.

One of the ideas for what Southampton would look like in the future featured a flying train and all transport being powered by the sun. Another imagined everyone would travel by waterslides and that houses would fly.

The items will be put on display in spring 2019 before being placed into the time capsule and buried on site.



Final view from bargate to Debenhams is now open

With the demolition phase of the development having been completed the view through from the Bargate monument to Debenhams on Queensway has now been opened up.

Connecting the city’s retail elements has been one of our main aims for the development since its conception and this news marks the beginning of a vision we’ve had for years finally coming to life.

The first phase of construction is expected to begin soon with a final completion date for the scheme set as 2020.


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